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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 00:53:00
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    Current music:screamin infedelities: dashboard confess

    im missin ur laugh . . .
    yea well the past couple of days have been just shitty, well not the content but just the mentality of it all. it seems like summer just started. i mean its like yesterday we were all at heights's fireworks and then the nextr day in the parade, and swimmin at jennas, and then the next day at barrington's and gettin hit on by some f***ed up "jockey". god it has gone by so fast. maybe it would have gone slower if i did more. but this is how it is every last few weeks of summer . . . u regret doin the things u did and wish u had done more. like that whole list of shit u had in ur head, but u never wrote down cuz that would just be idiotic. maybe it woulda helped but who knows. but neway, today i went to work at frosh orientation with a bunch of seniors who will remain to be anonymous. but god it was funny. lets just say i heard my fair share of boy scout stories. then i was accused to have a lover that i never knew i had, ironically i had just met him today but had been meeting him speradically at a hotel in lawnside to "take care of things". aahh but then i got a ride home and then laur called and said we were goin to south street. ok. lol. but so we took the speed line and walked forever til we got there and shopped a bit for some cheap kicks and colorful bobs. ending of course at the one and only johnny rockets. so now im here all alone, cept for the bro, asleep (prob in the nude, yyuukk (hes 6)) cuz the parentals and sis went to see a late night flick. now im bored and hyper, a lethal combo. tomorrow more frosh ori, and hopefully no more boy scout stories. later days bill

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2003-08-26 11:34 (link)
you know you like making out with his forehead while he sleeps in the nude! look at my wrist!!!!!

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