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y0ffeeeeee (danzgrl224) wrote,
@ 2003-04-24 12:13:00
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    Current mood: dorky

    RiDiN' HiGh...
    hey-lo....hmm..last entry was reminiscin..the good ol' days...we grow up too fast.... anyway .... yesterday after softball practice, cynthia and i walked down to the softball fields to watch part of one of the games.. (one of the teams playin is the 1 I hafta play tonite) then her mom came around 7 and we came back here and chilled for a bit.. then shannon came and they slept over.... good times.. stayin up till 4 am talkin about anything and everything! hehe... they left about 15 minutes ago... dad came home from work for a bit... we're gonna get some chinese food for lunch and then I might help him at work... i dont really wanna, but whatever... then I have my softball game at 5:45, but I hafta be there around 5ish.. hopin the rain holds up so I can playy.... after the game me and cynthia are gonna sleep over shannon's ...mucho fun.. Harry Potter 2 (lolz) and PIZZA ...(u dont kno how long it has been since I had a slice! lol..passover blows....hah) I think that's about it... gonna go get some eatins.. then I'm off... I have other ish to write, but no time... next time I'm here u kno I'll spill but expect it to be friends onlyy.... whatever. I need a layout for this thing and I wanna start a site, but I'd need a layout for that too... thank god its vacation.... and thats all i hafta say! :)

    omg..i was watchin elmo's world this mornin..what a cutie! lol .... mr. noodles and dorothy ... i ::heart:: that part of Sesame Street ... my lil-kidness is gettin to me!


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2003-04-24 16:55 (link)
bet u didnt know todays take ur daughter to work day did ya!

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