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The BLaMeD oNe (danny_blames) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 22:37:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:picture me rollin-2pac

    my life is over
    thanx to a pussy rat i have to throw the sliver of respect my parents have for me out the window im wonderin if life's worth living im really afraid of tellin my parents wat i did but i think they know already im not afraid of grillo cuz he is only gonna yell at me for like 10 minutes im more afraid of wat my parents r gonna do to me this is gonna break their heart and i feel bad about that cuz no matter wat i love my mom and the last thing i want is for her to lose respect for me....notice how everything bad happened to me when I STOPPED DRINKIN!!!!!! i really need to go back in time about 2 months ago and never have stopped drinkin.....i wanna cry but im not im gonna be a man and not cry and live up to my actions...i think imma kill myself on sunday nite this way o can go to heaven or where ever and escape all this and not have to tell my mom pretty much that im a bad kid i dont think i deserve to live i wish it was me who was ran over by that bus and not pete i wish i never even started doin the graff wow im a waste of life

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