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danielle (danielle1) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 17:00:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:"good stuff" good ol' mr. kenny chesney! woo baby =)

    hey there!...
    hey you guys! well today is the first day of making this WODERFUL journal! l0l! well was an okay day. i woke up, took a shower, put on the know, the usual. and then my daddy went and got me a biscut from the local yokel this morning! =) it was good! and then my mom took me to school! (ugh...i cant wait until i drive) and then i get to school and stood with amber and anna and we "chilled" and talked for a while. and then we went over by the gym so amber could go talk to emery (which she never did) so we tried to act "cool" and stand over by brianna. l0l! and then coach bagley walked by! i was so cold, but when we walked by i was so warm! l0l! [(hes so HOT)] okay well anyways...then the bell rang and i went to 1st period where we had a test (that i didnt study for!) and i made an 80! woo! then we watched a movie on equador and i learned that they fry guniea pigs and eat them! >gag< then 2nd period came, and nothing big happend...we got candy b/c we forgot the "distributive property" l0l! then in 3rd period, i helped amber, rachel, joyce, k-tina, shleby, and patricia with the soccer locker signs. l0l we played the "10 finger" game...its where every-1 holds up 10 fingers and some-1 says something they have done with a guy, and if you have done it, you put one finger down. l0l it was so funny. then we got in trouble so we quit. and then britney lewis went off campus to get crowns for turkey of the year, and she brought back a PUPPY! l0l it was so funny! she brought it to 4th period with her. then in 4th period, we watch the blue and grey for the 5th day in a row (and we have a test on it tomm. and i havent been watching it! l0l) then when school was over, i walked with rachel to meet jonathan to give him a note and then me and her went to the meeting. mrs. wiley was being in one of those moods again, but its cool. and then my mom came and got me. and me and jamie went over to the store and got a drink and a sub. =) l0l she saw that lady that called her a bitch on homecoming night. and woo it was so funny. then we dropped her off at her house and i came home and ate my sub and called levi. he cant come over today b/c his "dad has the truck" and he cant come over tomm. b/c he has to "work" but its cool! l0l well im out! ttyl!

    D.A.R.K.=tBf4L...l0l dont ask!
    a m a r
    n b c i
    i e h s
    e r e t
    l l i
    l n

    **i wont be at school tomm.! me, amber, rachel, and kristin have to go to EaSt MiLt0n ElEm.'s field day!**
    yippe! ill let you know how it turns out! =)

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2003-11-19 21:27 (link)
haha...the distributive property is AWESOME!! LoL!! haha...and that word was PALEINDROME or something like that!! Haha....i knew it started with a "P"!!!! Well girl im out!! MATH BUDDIES!!!!!!!!

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