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ChOdEy (dancexorxdie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 15:38:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:avril lavigne-skater boi

    heyy peeps i havent updated in like forever. my weekend was really funn sorta friday i went to the 8th grade dance and i danced me ass off with my friends and then a bunch of peeps went to the amc and we saw finding nemo it sucked ass saturday i didnt do anything but that nite i went to sarahs party at the amc and we almost giot kicked out. then sunday i went to sushi with my brother and my dad. then i went to a bmx track with my mom to watch her friend and his son. his son is a hottie!!!! then we went to dinner then i went home/today was the first day of graduation practice! it suxx ass! we have to sit out in the sunn all day and its sooooo boring. then after skool i went to platt with sora lauren jessyca and desi. we ate at wendys and all these old veteren guys were there and they kept talkin to us. we also saw jeny and mellissa there. then we went and bought fake nails and mine are all fucked up cuzz i did them really fast then i found out my brother got in a car accident and he totalled his car but he didnt get hurt thank god. then we went to the library then i went home. and now im on aol wasnt what i wrote sooooooo entertaining!!???

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