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Fitz (dammit10586) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 21:12:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Blink 182 - Stockholm Syndrome

    The Fitzly Times, December Edition
    I am still not dead. Aint it great?

    Ah, so the first trimester of Senior year at Regis High School comes to a close. That means my last year of high school is essentially over. Doesn't that rule? I actually did choose to do an academic third trimester, BUT I'm gonna use like 2 of the 4 available courses for a senior project. Because the last year of Regis is so fuckin' awesome, we can choose from an academic third trimester, unpaid internship, or full time Christian Service. Like that'll happen. And with the academic, we can do an independent project that takes the place of 1-4 courses. I wanna do like a big, epic 2-3 hour movie. And with my own camera, I won't need to stay in school. Now all I need is a script. And actors. But mainly a script.

    Anyway, with the 1st Trimester ending, report cards come. Right now, it should look something like this.
    Psychology - HH
    Filmmaking - HH
    Statistics - M
    The Eagle in His Flight - M (big improvement from the Possible Failure on the Mid-Tri report, no?)
    Madness in Literature - M
    Phys Ed - H

    Hamlet has come and gone. But it was motherfuckin' great. Easily the most technically impressive show I've seen, with great performances all around. Even Gabby amazed me. HA HA! NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS! The first night had a couple of mistakes, so overall I think the second was the best. It's weird though, because now I have nothing to do most afternoons, and don't see the MMT people as much. Oh well. Cry me a river.

    Oh, and get this! The Regis Business Staff, the people who handle finances for the extracurriculars, are fucking VICIOUS! I mean, Christ! The DAY I got back from the weekend after Hamlet, ALL of the posters for it I put up are TORN down, and each one replaced in the EXACT spot with a Guys and Dolls poster. Kind of overkill, right? Sounds like somebody's threatened.

    Recently, I've seen a couple of things. I won't say I saw "Elf," because let's face it folks, I wasn't watching a damn bit. Thanks, Olivia. I did see "Master and Commander," and I didn't hate it, but I didn't really see the point of it. I didn't get what I was supposed to think about it in the end. It had no real message. I also didn't see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. ; )

    And now for Regis Films. "The Last of the MohiqueDans" is just about halfway filmed and edited, and had to halt production because of Hamlet, and tests and such. Shooting of the final half will resume right after Thangksgiving break, with an expected completion date of Mid-December and release in January. I say January because Mike Ponterotto can only start shooting "Requiem For a Dan" in late December, and I can't release mine before his. It's just the way we want to release the films. Carlos Molina submitted a script to Mr. Loose, voluntarily, so I'm pretty interested to see how that turns out. Paul Ryan still makes his daily films. Strang is working on something, in the developmental phase, so that should be on par if not better than "Werd." The "CD Player Heist" film, an exercise for the class, is also shooting now, directed by Yancy. Even Dan Rios, star of the Kill Dan Trilogy, has begun work in his as-yet-untitled picture. The story is promising, but so far the camera work needs alot more planning. Andy is videotaping hockey games...and play rehearsals for "Guys and Dolls"...stalling maybe? For anyone reading this, I'm holding an open forum of ideas or concepts for my third trimester film, the one with revolutionary aims of a 2-3 hour length. I'm thinking of a kind of action/drama, with more emphasis on the drama. Give me any good ideas, and you've got yourself a slot in the credits.

    The Edge STILL hasn't been released. That really bites, because now my review of Hilary Duff is just old. I bought the new Blink-182 album, and it's pretty good, actually. As was the case with "Feeling This" I didn't like it at first, but everything has grown on me, and it's definitely a progressive step.

    THE NITES KICKED ASS! We actually fucked up on a couple of songs, but the set was still awesome. We brought in a new singer for a couple of the tunes, and he didn't suck. His voice, that is. He looked like a complete ass, going nuts and rocking out AT A SCHOOL DANCE. Way to look like a moron. If you're playing in a club, its OK to go nuts on stage. But at a school, you'll just look stupid. And for God's sake, it was during a slow song about suicide. But yeah, we rocked. What's next for The Nites? Obviously, we're gonna play the dance in January, with an updated, more colorful set of songs. And look out LiveStock, we'll be there. Be ready. Chances are, we're not gonna suck. I think. Yeah.

    Man, did we defile that movie theater. And it was a children's movie! And there was a middle-aged couple next to us! Damn. That was hot. Any other gossip about people I know is, sorry to say, a little too personal for this update. Maybe next time.

    Later Faithful Reading Losers
    Kevin "I kicked her right in the babies" Fitz

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2003-12-02 20:04 (link)
You have a class called "The Eagle in His Flight"? What the fuck?

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2003-12-02 23:45 (link)
Yeah. The first half of the course was studying the Gospel of John, whose symbolic with the Eagle (every gospel writer has a symbol, one is a man, John is Eagle, I forget the rest.) So that's why its Eagle in his Flight, even though the second half of the course was studying the Book of Revelation. Who cares about Christianity anyway?

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2003-12-03 20:03 (link)
People were watching the sex tape in my school on the teahouse computer today. Scar-i-ness.

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