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Heather (damaddhadda) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 21:32:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:3 doors down "here without you"

    god dammit i just wrote a whole fuckin long entry and my computer froze. wtf is this.. ahh i hate it. blahh n e ways heres some thigns that wen on in the past 2 days..

    *woke up late for school
    *finished my article
    *sent messages to khalid and chris from the computer in the media center
    *went to tigers game with destoni,karissa and paul
    *almost got lost in detroit
    *got bitched at
    *had to do a presentation for roman which sucked ass. lol
    *had to sing for kolar
    *im singing the national anthem for the football game on friday with delight.. and a few other people
    *made a new friend
    *im still burned like a mother fucka
    *have a football game on friday
    *have hollys birthday party on friday
    *having nik over sat for her birthday
    *tommorrow is myles 17th birthday
    *made myles a birthday card
    *debated on whether to go to homecoming
    *jessie visited the school today
    *me and jessie walked up to sopronos for lunch
    * went next dorr and chilled with mrs cathy and watched her fraiser dvds
    *watched this thign on John ritter

    John Ritter
    R.I.P :(

    yeah i had everything typed so this is gay. lol well im out like a light. lol adios muchachos.

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this is l0stn_4gotten, the one from michigan...
2003-09-17 21:22 (link)
Hey! thank you so much for the compliment on my journal. that is so sweet, yeah my parents are divorced and my dad lives near warren. i love your layout!!! its so cute! if you need help with the background stuff...then post me a comment

<3 ya tuns
Lauren Marie

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Re: this is l0stn_4gotten, the one from michigan...
2003-09-17 22:06 (link)
aw thanx.. yeah thanx, i will make sure to let ya kno if i need ne helpo with my backround. if you dont mind. can i add you as one of my friends? but thats kewl that your dad lives near me.. there are a lot of michigan people who have blurt i have noticed. welp i have to go ttyl adios

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