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Michelle (dalescalichic) wrote,
@ 2004-03-11 11:05:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Go rest high on the mountain~Vince Gill Uncle's funeral song

    wo hooo!
    My baby's coming home tomorrow!! yay!!! Things are really troubling me today. Mark Nicholson's dad I don't really know the guy but i feel bad for him. I can't realy imagine what he is going through. It makes you realize that life could end so unexpectidly. Makes me remember all the people i have lost in such a short lifetime.

    Lindsay and this whole Codi situation. Not good in my eyes. This girl does not know the meaning of a friend anyways. her own best friend DATED Bryant and she actually has the balls to say what Lindsay did was bad. They were in love at one time and i know how hard that is to turn that away. What can she say for herself, they hooked up a few times. **Sigh** finaly i got that all out.

    Also, I'm starting to realize that we are growing up. A weird thing. We have boyfriends, jobs, sex, and some responsibilites that come with adulthood. Finally!!!! it's exactly 3 months before graduation. Wow scary!

    Well i think I have said my piece for the day, so i can go head on to Econ...yay agiain..sike.

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2004-03-12 20:51 (link)
I hate you for making me realize how close to having to be an adult I am. I don't wanna grow up! I' ok with not having to be responsible about bills, rent, food, blah blah blah. I'm not ready. AAAHHHH!!! TOO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!

Its ok though. This is a realization I had to come to at some time. And I do still love you! I always will!! :D.

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