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Dalena (dalenasrealm) wrote,
@ 2006-11-26 13:58:00
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    New family
    Well, I've started attending a church up here. I used to go all the time at home (largely because I was expected to go with my parents) but now I am going of my own volition. Last week was the first time that I went since I moved up here in September, and it already feels like I have been going for quite some time. The people are really friendly and accepting, and not to nosy, trying to find out details of my personal life. (not that that's been a problem in the past, just something that I've noticed that people in general tend to do-not just church people) There doesn't seem to be to many people there that are my age, but there's one girl that's probably about 10 years older than me that I'm starting to become friends with. There's also a couple older couples (as in maybe a little older than my parents) that have kind of taken me in. I think I'm really going to enjoy this! It's kind of hard to understand (for me, anyway) but when I wasn't going to church, I didn't really miss not going, but now that I've started back, I can't imagine not being there on a Sunday. Well, I guess I had my 'time off' and now we're back to 'business as usual'!

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