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!!!Drew!!! (d_lachey) wrote,
@ 2002-12-08 23:48:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    Evil woman!! Beast!! -laughs- I'd be asleep now, but..Mandy woke me up, she kicks like a damn horse in her sleep. Talks too..I had an interesting convo with her last night. Something cream only tasting good when it was frozen? the girl cracks me up even in her sleep.
    we put her xmas tree up today, well..her mom did while we watched movies on the sofa. we watched a lot of things, "Titanic" in which she talked all the way through about Kate Winslet's "bad acting skills"....that weird green thing -feels a shoe- The Grinch and Jeepers Creepers.
    it was so funny when her mum took this old scratty angel out of the decorations and said it couldnt go on the tree, Mand threw a fit of tears about cruelty to the angel. so now it lives on her bedside table.
    i'm talking to Nick now, haha...its funny how close we were, now it feels wrong when I don't wake up to him and the guys arguing over jackets, don't say you didn't guys.
    I'll have to bug Mandy tomorrow for a layout. ;D she's good with things like that-looks over at her shuffling and then down at his bruised knees- evil woman!

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2003-03-04 23:58 (link)
[ can you take me off your friends list. thank you much ]

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