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krystal (czangel) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 23:43:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:[ hanson - mmbop]

    I can not last out to real people in the way that I tend to attack them through this journal. Why? Well , for starters , I surely would lose my job. I would probably recieve criminal charges. I would most likely undergo some sort of physical attack , probably with a weapon.

    I just can't help it that people are so darn stupid to wait staff members. For instance , a woman tonight ( of the "summer" teeth , disheleved hair , strange odor sort ) ordered a milk shake , a strawberry milkshake. She knew closing was within 4 minutes , and that I had quite obviously been cleaning the machine. Bitch still wanted her shake. I start to make it , and she stops me to tell me to add another scoop of strawberry. I tell her we are all out ( which we actually were for a change ) , and she informs me that she "always" gets it. I informed her that we ran out. She didn't like that.

    I had to argue with a woman ( around 10 minutes past kitchen closing time ) that we were indeed not cooking anything. She came up and asked me if our pretzels were "stale". Two things wrong with this: 1.) it is quite rude to inquire about the freshness of our food items , mostly because we will always lie , especially if you anger us and 2.) the pretzels in question were plastic display items that do not resemble real food whatsoever. She left in a huff.

    I was tempted to offer her a bite , but I figure if I knocked loose any of her bridgework , I would be out of a job. So instead I bitch about her to my coworkers and my Blurty. Fair enough , eh?

    I love when people try to bargain with me. Kitchen is closed , then the kitchen is closed. Do not name everything on the menu to ask me if you can have it or not. I will say no to all of those , then anything that might even be a bit of a pain in the ass for me to get. I will spray cleanser all over the dreaded milk shake machine because it's a bitch to clean and quite honestly , who needs a shake at 10:30 anyway?

    Also , here is my major complaint of the night: I have semi-severe allergies. I can not stand the smell of old lady perfume ( if you can even call it perfume ) and old man cologne. if you stink , I have to hold my breath. If I inhale your smell , I will cough and sneeze. My eyes will itch. I will be unable to wait on you. So , of course , stand by the register while you wait. Go ahead. Ask a ton of questions. MAKE ME SICK YOU INCONSIDERATE BASTARDS!

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stupid $%^&*
2003-07-29 08:31 (link)
ah i so argree with you! i hate it when people come in two minutes till close time and order, then what really pisses me off is that they dont take out they eat in ( even though i give them this 'im closing down soon, so get the feck out" look)!!! it all good for them but not for me b/c i always close down the dishwasher when i do a close on a late night b/c it is just so much easier, aother thing that gets me is that fact when people ask for freshly squeezed oj, after i clean down the machine, when this happens i simply flat out to their face LIE! "i am sorry we have run out of Oranges!" and i hide the oranges outback!!

anohter thing that gets me is fully grown adult being not having any table manners and spill their food all over the chairs, table and floor!!! "what they hell are you>?" next time i am going to give them a bowl and let them eat of the ground! my dogs dont make as much mess as such of these people!!!! arrgg.....i am feeing your anger, as a matter of fact i was gettign mad jus reading your post!!!

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