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czarina (czakey) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 10:48:00
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    Current mood:in the pink of health
    Current music:Nasty Boys || Janet Jackson

    Random Ramblings
    My son is also loving my schedule. I asked him the other night when I got home and sneaked on my space in our bed, he was in between me and Dan. He stirred awake and said:

    Brusko: Hi, mami. I miss you...
    Mami: Anak, which schedule do you like? Pag alis si Mami gabe o pag alis si Mami hapon balik ng gabe?
    Brusko: Balik gabe. Kase tabi kita tulog, e *cute smile*. Please dede mami...

    Great, then I prepare him his milk.

    With this schedule I get to prepare him to school, bring him to school and pick him up to school and be able to cook lunch and dinner before going to work.

    It's true never have I been in the pink of health ever since I started sleeping at night.


    Weird experience: the other night when I took my second break, I went downstairs of the building to smoke. Our building is home to the Tower Club a club for who's who of the rich and famous. A black Audi car was at the lobby waiting for it's passenger. In front was the plate number "8". I immediately concluded it is owned by a congressman. Seconds, later the passenger came from the lobby doors and headed to the open door of the expensive car. The man, wearing a white barong and looks to be in his 50's caught sight of me and was staring. Yeah, staring at me eye to eye. When he got in the car he was still staring at me. What the? Do I look like his dead daughter? Or is he gay?

    Two nights after that, just tonight went down to my usual nicotine fix downstairs, I said to myself "good no weird old Congressmen tonight". When I threw my cigarette but and entered the building we crossed path again inside the lobby. He was staring at me again. I avoided him and walked as fast as I could to get to the elevators. I heard one of the bodyguards come after me and was yelling "Miss! Miss!". But I hurried and press the "close" button of the elevator. And when the doors closed I gave out a sigh of relief and said "Misis na, po" and crazily laughing alone in the elevator. Who the hell was that guy?


    just being stupid silly. a good laugh will do me good.♥♥♥

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2004-09-13 02:49 (link)
Naku, mother!!!! How exciting!!! Sino ba 'yun?!?!?! Baka naman ninong mo pala 'yun noh!!!!! Sana inalam mo baka mabiyayaan ka ng mana!!!!

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2004-09-13 12:12 (link)
Ang creepy naman ni matronic congressman. Baket kaya?

I like the comic strip!

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