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Cyrus Bolooki (cyrus_bolooki) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 15:41:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:The Drama Summer -- The Starting Line

    numero uno
    Hey. This is very strange. An internet journal, who would have ever thought that I would get one? Let alone actually use it... It should be good though. I need some way to vent in a quite manner. I don't think that the neighbors enjoy my 2 AM drumming sessions.

    So, where to begin? My name is Cyrus Bolooki. I'm the drummer for the band New Found Glory. You may have heard of us, you also might not have. Our three biggest songs so far have been Head On Collision, Hit or Miss and My Friends Over You. We have appeared on TRL a few times... Gotta love the girls there, they scream everytime you speak. My favorite thing to do is tour. Playing live shows is like nothing else. Especially when I get to share the stage with my four best friends. Our last big US tour was the TRL/Civic tour with Good Charlotte and a bunch of bands as openers.

    On a more personal note, I'm single, and very available. I do date, I just haven't found that one girl yet who is above and beyond the norm. I'm on tour so much, it's hard to meet girls, so when I do get to, I usually fall hard and fast then in a few days realize that it would never work.

    In my free time I like to play video games and go to concerts. Oh yes, I can hear you all now, what an exciting life. I also like to spend ridiculous amounts of money on bling-bling. Yeah right, just kidding. I have no bling. I spent $15 on a hemp necklace, and that's the most I've ever spent on jewelry. I also like to start fires when I cook. The firemen and I are great friends. At night, I like to sit in my hot tub with a nice cold Budwiser and imagine that there's a hott girl sitting next to me, but it's usually just Steve or Chad, sometimes Jordan or Ian. Oh yes, the life I live is one that many crave.

    Before I bore everybody to death with this introductory post, I'm going to end this. I have AIM, and you can find my screenname down below. It likes to be abused. I'll see you all around... maybe.

    AIM: CBolookiRock

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2003-07-26 17:29 (link)
((Hey there! I'm adding you now. Make sure your AIM information in your user page matches the AIM you'll actually be using. They seem to be different right now in your journal entry and your user info. Thanks! *smiles* Welcome back))

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2003-07-28 04:31 (link)
Ew. Why are you so cute? .:stares. dead pan:. my aol instant message SN is Mmm xxx Michelle

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