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J (cynicalchick234) wrote,
@ 2015-02-17 23:30:00
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    Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPER DAVE
    Ok, I have had a lot happen this week, but since i am so damn lazy to type it all out, I'm going to tell you all the story I heard from Dave Thomas today in bio instead. Now keep in mind Dave is quite a few inches shorter then I am, and I am only 5'5 so that makes this all the more totally kick ass of him. Alos, he is all into self defense and knows like 30 ways to kill a man and is all into that kinda thing. Well, On Valentines day he took his gf (who he finally said i can see a picture of, yeah!) to dinner at this restaurant in Medina. So he was paying at the register, and he told her to go on out to the car and he'd be right out. Well, apparently when she got out there, some guy walked up, pulled out a knife and demanded that she give him her purse. A mugging in Medina of all places, imagine that? Anywho, I guess she was only out there for a min and was all upset and was about to hand over her purse when Dave walks out. Dave saw the guy and saw her and told her in that tone of voice he uses when he sounds all smug "III don't think thats a good idea Ang, come over here and get behind me" So she did and the guy told him something along the lines of "oh you little punk, think you are so tough, for that i'm going to fuck you up" and he lunged at him with the knife. Guess what Dave did, he beat the shit out of him! He dislocated his shoulder and broke one of his wrists. Is that not the coolest thing you have heard? Dave is my hero, like Caroline said "I wanna go on a date withDave" just to see someting like that occur. Thank God nothing happened to them though, or he could be dead like the other Dave Thomas. I guess people from the restaurant called the police and they came and picked up the guy and then the guy wanted to press charges againt that not the most pathetic thing you have ever heard of? LMAO, the copshad to tell him since he threatened them with a knife, and it was self defense, that he probably shouldnt do it if he wasnt a total fool, so he decided not to. But Dave and his gf spent the next 3 hours at the police station. How is that for a Valentines Day tale? Dave has the funniest things happen to him, almost as funny as the time he had to go to the same girls parent teacher conferences and he thought it was because they considered him the predominant male figure in her life lol! it was because they were concerened they mightbe having sex because she missed a few days of school to sleep over his house a few times.Well, they arent like that and Dave laughed in their faces and called the teacher an idiot. Gotta love him, Dave is a modern day superhero, but that is all for today. Toodles

    Oh and HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2004-02-18 15:35 (link)
lol that was the funniest thing I heard all day. You should tell some more Dave Thomas stories, cuz they are hilarious.

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