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CWIK (cwik) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 02:22:00
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    Current mood:constipated
    Current music:Guns of Brixton - The Clash

    What would YOU do if you found donkey porn on your grandma's computer? Would you confront her about it or just not say anything? I've been thinking about this and I've come to a conclusion, and it is this: I really don't like to think about my grandma whacking off to donkey porn so I'm gonna talk about root beer. My favorite kind has to be Barq's, it has that badass bite to it. My second favorite is, of course, Dad's Old Fashioned, it's old fashioned so how can't you like it? And my third favorite is boobs. And so ends this glorious entry into a journal that like 10 people might look at.

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uncle ed
2004-01-16 21:18 (link)
the mans name is uncle ed. he works behind a thick pice of plexy glass in a little convient store called "Happy Food Store". what a choice name, for indeed, it makes me happy. why does it make me happy do you ask? well the answer is quite simple cwick......he sells "Micky's" (quarts) for an easy to find one american dollar and twenty cents.and on top of that, he doesnt card me. this can only lead to one thing..........upon my return, i will be a devouted alcohalic. here's a little story for you.....

once upon a time a boy woke up in the morning to go to school. before he went to his bus stop he went to vist uncle ed and with his lunch money, he bought 2 quarts of "Micky's" malt liqure. the boy had about 20 minutes to finish off 2 quarts before the bus came to take him to the learning establishment. it turnes out that the day in question was a half day. so instead of getting out at 1:30 he got out at 11:30, just in time to visit unlce ed for the second time. and now the boy sits on a he drunk? yes. will he probly get more with in the hour? why the hell not. does he have anything better to do rather then drink more and play guitar? nope. so i guess the moral of this story drunk hahahaha and you deserve a pice of this action man.but when i come back i will be gaving a box of beers.2 boxes.naaaaa 14 will do it for a cwik and a mike drunk night.

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2004-01-17 18:55 (link)
what would you do if a big black man tried to hide his polar bear in your pants? i would simply wonder what the fuck this black man is doing with a polar bear.

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2004-01-17 21:47 (link)
I read your journal because I am stalking you.

You have no fire-crotch, liar.

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you be wrong
2004-01-18 17:23 (link)
How could you not believe me? This is a furnace, baby! (insert pelvic thrust with emphatic hand movement)

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