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CWIK (cwik) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 15:43:00
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    here it is. A lot happened these past few weeks, none cooler than the QP me and a few friends downed in one fucking day, before 10:00pm. now im in school again at UCF. You'd think it would be easy to find stoners in college, but apparently whenever im out, they all go inside. Just one of those things i suppose. By the way, its a bad idea to chug cheap vodka. I found that out inside of a george apt., incidently, the same place I disappeared to for a week and a half. Reminds me, my parents are some strange people. Prior to my trip to george's, i had talked to my parents like once since moving to O Tizzle. And then after i leave my place for a while they want to get in touch with me, and since they couldn't, the natural thing to do is to file a missing persons report, right? well, thats what they almost did (they were one day away from filing it when i called them). Now to the present, i am here in front of my compooper typing, wishing in my head that somehow a magical bag of mary would show up outside my door. If there is anyone out there who would take pity on me and deliver me a bag, i would seriously consider paying in blood, sperm, or greenbacks.

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one day i left for tampa
2004-01-12 23:40 (link)
wile staying at the george apartment you also stole a total of 5 cases of beers. boy do i love the beers. there isnt a moment that passes where i dont think of the cool, refreshing,brisk taste of that wonderful beverage going into my tummy. boy ol' boy, there isnt a thing i wouldnt do for a case of beers right about now.

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Re: one day i left for tampa
2004-01-13 22:06 (link)
I hear the beers, and cheers to you stranded lad. Over there in Tampa Bay, FL, 130 miles from this little circle of friends who live it up religously without you. But don't don't fret my pet, all this partying and cavorting about is done with a reverence to that tall Italian who looks like Luigi. And the day of your glorious return will bring riot to this lil' Titusville, or at least inside an apartment somewhere exploring the finer points of Mario Kart.

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Re: one day i left for tampa
2004-01-15 15:51 (link)
im gonna fuck tim up in some mario cart......i cant help but notice the pair of boobs on the corner of my screen. thanks for the idea cwik ;) hehehehe

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