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CWIK (cwik) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 11:38:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:the pixies - surfer rosa

    random kindness
    today reaffirmed my faith in the kindness of some strangers. To start out this tale, i burned my roommates pot by accident. No not THAT pot, but a real cook some soup type of pot. So being that im not an asshole, i promised to get another one. This meant i had to get money, and for a jobless loser like myself, money has to be cherished for food and weed (ya know, the essentials). So off i went to a plasma donation center where i let them suck 900 grams of my plasmic fluid out of my body for 15 dollars. And from there i went my local Wal-Mart to buy pot...i mean A pot. Anyhoo, i go to the check out with my pot and my skateboard, and on the way i pass a portly african-american female buying soda, lettuce, and water. As i pass her she asks me "you cookin' somethin'", and holy damn was i tempted to say "no, i just want to have a bathtub for my ferret", but i didnt and said "yep". Then she told me that she was moving to atlanta today and she had a pot in her car that she would give me. I just about busted my nut right there because that meant i would save 10 bucks. I then helped her with her groceries and she gave me an old pot (but still in very good condition). So thanks mrs. black lady, you helped this poor college kid on his way to a dimebag. cheers.

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2003-11-28 20:01 (link)
Dammit... when the "portly african-american female" entered the story, I thought this would end up with you hogtied and her ramming you with a strap-on. AAAAALLLLRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHTTT!

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