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Ashley Fuller Olsen (cutiepieash) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 00:41:00
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    Current mood: weird

    Woop! Look whos updating ...ME!! *laughs* wow im a loser, but its ok cause i'm allowed to be right *winks*

    Anyyy way, I just got back from my vacation. Its so weird because it really didnt feel like a vacation without mk there. But ya i went to the bahamas. It was alot of fun, met some really nice people and some really hot boys *grins* but ya they only liked me because i was "Ashley Olsen" heh go figure *frowns*

    Well i feel like i'm updating for no reason really. Noone ever really comments me, No matter how hard I try to fit in here..i never really do. And I do Im people. so dont say " you have to try to talk to people..dont excpect everyone to im you" or whatever because i do,,, but its just mostly always "Hey! whats up, gotta go bye" type of conversastion. And that makes me sad. I would really like to meet a nice guy. Im sick of being single and looking. I'm sick of looking, because when i find someone that i start to like, they never like me. *frowns* so ya im whoever may like me can come to me for a change *sighs*

    Well that was my big update..*shakes head* stupid yes, but hey at least i updated. No lets go count how many people dont comment me *cracks up*

    {{sorry i told everyone in my last update I couldnt be that active for a week and a half due to dance..but now i don't have anything going on, So ya please dont kick me out!]]

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2003-06-25 10:13 (link)
hey u dont know me but i am also a twin. 2 summers ago my twin and i went to diff camps for 2 month's!! I thought i was going to die. Before camp we haven't even been apart for 1 night. I def. know how u feel with being away from mary-kate. Well good luck in everything you do in the future. if u want to im me my aim sn is flipc17 or e-mail me at

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2003-06-25 19:50 (link)
*waves* hey ash,
you sound like you had a good vacation...we should hang out sometime g2g though bye!


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2003-06-26 02:14 (link)
*smiles* hey!! How have you been. Long time no talk. Ya i had a blast even though mary-kate wasnt with me.*frowns* Yes we should hang out sometime. You are hella fun to be around!! TTyS!

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2003-07-04 02:36 (link)
{I moved to another community over at caleida its called Barely_tru you should check it out}

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hey ... don't know you
2003-07-26 23:59 (link)
hey my name is Justine .. i'm from indy and i was lookin around and found yours ... i like it! its cool that you do this! well hey, my blurty is LOVE712 if you ever wanna chat and my SN is LOVE71202 ... lets talk sometime - JUSTINE

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