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SHY (cutewothee) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 21:03:00
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    *You will never sperarate what is meant to be*
    Man was today an eventful day. Well I woke up around 9:00 or so. I went on the computer, looked at some sites. Mah car had a flat. It's had one for like three days now but I finally decided I can't just keep filling it up with air so gregs (mah boifriend) dad took the tire of and put on the spare. Then his dad left with his girlfriend to bring it into the shop (Dicount Tires) he came home and told me that if they call go and get it and left me $20 bucks. I feel like I'm his daughter. lol. Which is fine with me. Anyways so I waited and waited and waited. Greg didn't wake up till noon, we chilled and watched T.V. and stuff. It was cool. I never did get that call so I decided to go take a shower, which Greg came with me. Then we went down there and they said it couldn't be fixed and it's gunna cost $110 to replace it which sucks cuz I was all alone with no money. Well Greg was with me and I had $20 bucks but that was no where near what I needed, plus, I needed to meet my mom at Tribal so we could get Greg some detox stuff for his drug test tomorrow. w00t w00t. He's gunna be making $10.74 which rocks. I got a ball put back on my lip ring at Tribal he did it for free. Mine fell off and I didn't know how to put it back in. OMG when I was sitting in that chair and I smelled the alcohol I wanted to get pierced soo bad. DAMN. I'm addicted to piercings. LOL. Piercings are my drug of choice. OMG. I lost another one of my belly button rings. Thats the second one in 2 days. I am so mad. I just bought those ones too. GRR. Anyways I need to get to sleep now. I have a lot to wake up to and lots to think about before I sleep. I seem happy huh? I seem OKAY, right? Little do people know. =) I love me. Goodnight all.

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