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customcustom (customcustom) wrote,
@ 2012-07-07 09:16:00
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    Aaron Rodgers Nike Jersey – Packers want Brett Favre back
    The retired Packers president Bob Harlan indicated that the Packers Hall of Fame has invited Brett Favre, the former quarterback back to the Green Bay Packers. After all, his messy split with the franchise is not related with his former coach. He said that they have had a two-hour meeting to discuss who should be invited back, like Jon Gruden, Andy Reid and people like that. Then Bob said how about Brett Favre, maybe it is the perfect time for him to be back. The crowd in Packers Hall of Fame is as loyal to the Green Bay Packers Nike Jersey as anybody here. But they are afraid Brett Favre will not accept their invitation. Harlan said that someday Brett will be back and play at his position to retire. If you are rabid fans of the NFL, please enter into the NFL website to find Nike Jersey in NFL shop and please pay close attention to browns nike jerseys and the browns nike jerseys.

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