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customcap3 (customcap3) wrote,
@ 2012-05-28 08:45:00
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    By way of a series of deduces
    By way of a series of deduces , the more inferior light towel has been introduced to be improved looks to protect skin series and the natural health protection series and primary ecology cosmetology to moisten tens breeies such as skin series towel etc now , and has caused that not small causes a sensation in the market The breakthrough of towel product design still needs the basic circumstances and popular trend of the specialty that designer understands the correlation , and to be good at from the surrounding thing with drawing the inspiration and the spark of design in the tradition civilization , and to go in the product that can nimble use them to self time suitable . embroidery digitizing

    This should be said to the problem of commonplace , but in many towel designers in the view , namely the datum source to the design seldom breaks away the limited knowledge scope , often seeks the inspiration of design in the product at the existing towel , thus has formed another kind of copy or copy of form , and finally creates designing becomeing rigid of train of thought . Actually , that each kind of civilization or artistic form will be thought is permanent and the development of health is gone down , and except absorbing nutrition from the tradition , and also will not refuse leading other artistic form from the past , this can find the evidence from many outstanding artistic works .chalk boards

    And use and reference to being mutually related the artistic form are found everywhere in many towel products , and such as , many satin shelves Hua Xingdou are reference and coming in other textiles even the decorative pattern of porcelain , and Hua Xing of many jacquard weave products still selects the autobiography traditional Chinese painting all , traditional drawing that Yun Ying's transition skill in that the towel stamp product is in common use has been the reference with embroiders the skill , they by way of fixed the mutation of skill and form , opens out a the most unique diagram effect . Can speak the towel product design , and be the liberation of designer's concept , and be the extension of thought , and be the inheritance to the tradition , more is to prolonging with breaks through with to surrounding comprehending and thinks deeply of thing of tradition .baseball caps

    Therefore towel designer should pay attention to the design development of profession industry , also should concern the change that the trade was spun in the correlation man , even the history and evolution circumstances of other artistic forms should be gone to many designs reasons thought , design skill reference or transplanting in bed article design , window curtain design and other the artistic methods to the towel product in the creation In a word , from the objective should be sold that the change that the society custom and traditional civilization of region was developed heart requirement of course and consumer's begins to the mistake area and the consumption concept that the development of towel product should break through many knowledge on the now available foundation , and follows the stay idle at home environment and change of habits and customs and consumption reason thought starting with with coming the nature being directed against development . fitted hats

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