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Claire (cuppycake33) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 16:41:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:"My Immortal" Evanescence

    Fake Flowers
    hey everyone! ok omg- wow... i have soo much to tell....too much actually..the best thing is that CJ sent me a dozen red roses to my school!! yesterday (6/3/03) and awwwww. in the center was a 13th rose...except it was FAKE! and i always told him i wasnt a big fan of real flowers from guys..yeah i love them to like buy and plant.. or get for a birthday from a parent or something...but romantically (i save everything) and with real flowers, yeah u could dry them...but something they crisp up and break apart- and well so fake flowers last forever and i told CJ that i read in a mag one time how this guy sent this girl roses but with a fake one. and said the day ill stop loving you is the day the last rose dies (or something along those sweet lines)

    So thats exactly what he did.... and i mean i told him that a while ago- and it was so sweet that he remembered and knows how much it means to me! i love him... awww!

    hehe okay so anyways- well.. my friend Phil- he's friends with this guy George and me and George started talking and he fell in love with me...literally....i mean this happened like 2 weeks ago...
    We were on the phone forever- and i felt realli guilty cause of my baby CJ- but we talked for hours in the early hrs.... and well he just told me how much he loved me...and he's so smart- i was amazed by all of his words- and his poems and true love- you could tell it was real- but that doesnt mean he's in love with me...he could love me but LOVING someone is different from being IN LOVE with someone- and well... being in love is a two way street, but its still possible for him to love me-- and maybe he was falling in love, because i loved him back. but i told him-hey i love you, but in a different way- im sorry but i have a boyfriend who i love very much... and although tempting, its not quite strong enough for me to want you. (those werent my exact words, but i do love him, and i was very nice about it)

    Wow ok so George came up (he lives in south jersey) he drove 2 1/2 hrs to come see me- MEET ME actually.... and well cause i didnt realli know him very well... i took my friend Marion along- wow... he was so sweet and perfect in person too- just like on the phone... well first of all.. i thought he was gonna be here around 3... but he got here at a quarter to 2! 1:44 pm to be exact lol and i wasnt finished getting ready! everything was done, but i had to straighten my hair- and well i looked bad- and i didnt want him to see me till i was "finished" so i went in the bathroom and did my hair---omg he was so sweet cause he sat in my living room and met my whole family! and marion...before even seeing me- MY PARENTS LOVED HIM!

    So we went bowling, ate...and then dropped Marion off-and like the whole day he was pissy- so i was like pull over (marion was home) and we sat in the car and i was just like- whats wrong??? and he told me...hes like CJ isnt even my friend but i feel like im betraying him...blah blah blah- some stuff happened (dont worry i didnt cheat on CJ, and i NEVER EVER NEVER would)

    so anyways- afterwards me and George took some pics- and we both agreed we shouldnt hang out like that anymore, because he liked me too much, and i liked him, but im in love with my boyfriend- so we didnt talk much afterwards.. and i got realli lonely feeling and talked to Chris and i was so sad for a few days, but then just one day i woke up realli happy and me and CJ got 10 times closer... and although ill always be here for George- i cant give him the love he needs, because my heart belongs to someone else-

    but anyways- its a longer story but in a nutshell thats about it- i love CJ and i think all that stuff made us even closer-

    OK so June 20th is Phil and George's graduation...hopefully i can go- im dying to go cause im still friends with George.. and Phil is the absolute best, i love him we're good friends.. we've known eachother since i was like 10, so i have to go to his graduation

    Oh and Happy 18th Birthday George! his b-day was yesterday, when i got my roses lol awww 6/3/03

    Okay one more thing! Monday 6/2/03 was our class trip we went to Allentown, PA to Dorney Park- it was fun! hehe

    Well CJ- I trust you totally, i love you darling.

    *leave me comments!*

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2003-06-05 12:36 (link)

how old is george? we should go on a double date together some time! [lol] it would be so much fun! ! !lol koolieZ

<3 ya,
*leave comments on my journal too!* lol

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2003-06-05 12:49 (link)
George is 18, wait, who go on a double date? like u me and who?

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2003-06-05 13:02 (link)
lol i dont know we'll both find some guys, were good at

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2003-06-05 13:05 (link)
lol i got my guy already hehe- ill take CJ. and hey! we can get one of his friends to go with you- hmmm... he does know some cute ones- lol

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2003-06-06 12:37 (link)
something is fucked up wit my journal, i know wut to do but it aint working n i am getting really pissed off!!


<3 ya,

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