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suzanne (cuntlingsuzanne) wrote,
@ 2007-10-19 12:38:00
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    Current mood:uncomfortable

    Gor again!
    Master has sent me to a place to learn slave positions in Gor! Oh me, i once "lived" in Gor and relearning how a girl is to present herself brought back some forgotten memories,,most of them bad. Gor and i were not made for each other. i never felt my serves were a beautiful as the other Kajirae . Plus i have too much of a temper to meekly let just anyone use and rape me and never put up a fight. Its the subbie in me,,i had rather give myself to One (and to Those He chooses) than be a slave and no say at all. While it is exciting to think of strange me taking me for Their pleasures ! Also and i know this shows my true inner slut, i like resisting time to time and having Him "make and tame" me!
    i dont know what Master has in mind, if He wants to take me back to Gor to show me off to His Friends , maybe give me to Them for a spell or what,,,,but i will of course go with Him and try to please Him and make Him proud of His cuntling.

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Master Reads and Comments
2007-10-20 03:57 (link)
My little one is hot tempered and wants to be taken and tamed sometimes. Yes I know this, and I am just the one to do it.

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