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sandipants (cumonn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 13:43:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:some shit on sara's CD

    i'm sho exshited
    well hey hey!!! Ok so for a little while i was talkin to my ex boyfriend..blah shoot me..I can be soo dumb sometimes. But now I'm talking to a guy named Richie Price, he's 18, and so cute. I've gone out with him every day this week. And I'm going to the movies and then to a party with him on friday!! And 4-wheeling at the clay pits on saturday!! Oh and a really great thing had happened I am so over Justin, thank God!!
    Christina and I are once again civil to each other!!
    I went to the orthadontist yesterday and i get my retainer on i think th 19th of february, yay!
    I have this quiz thingy from caitlyn and skylar journal, so copy and paste the quiz in the comment box and answer the questions!!! ~Sandi

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tis codiizzie-
2004-04-03 21:06 (link)
baybeh yo lisp is SCHO SCHWEET!
lata dyawg
ps-the reason i couldnt sign yo guest book under my username is because blurty is tont.
lata faw shizzle

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