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your all american anti-christ (cthulhudawn666) wrote,
@ 2003-05-03 16:33:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:none

    K! K! K!
    yeah...the other night was my wasnt that bad...shareen came mom was high as a kite...i got 60 dollars...wait 61 dollars my cheap ass aunt sent me ONE DOLLAR in the mail...need less to say i didnt even read the card...

    last night was the was deffinately a lot better than i thought...shareen looked very nice...(when doesnt she?) and i dont wanna brag or nothing but my outfit/hair/makeup kicked major ass...when we get the pics ill have shareen post them...shes posting a few of me and her at my house...i danced...i actaully danced...thats the first time i ever dance for wasnt bad..i ate a ton of food...i got along ell with rachael all night too...thats odd...i feel bad for john the retard cuz he was all by himself all night so i was nice to him and shit...we had to go home after cuz out parents were tired....= (

    tonight im going to see x-men 2...i think maybe well see house of 1000 corpses again...depends

    ...well i guess thats all for now...bye bye

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2003-05-05 13:43 (link)
CRADLE OF FILTH just simply the best band in the world

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2003-05-05 13:45 (link)
I can't find any icon's for Cradle Of Filth might you know of where i might find some???? just leave me a post ok?!!! later

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2003-05-05 14:33 (link)
i have a few of dani...

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2003-06-21 21:24 (link)
haha. A Dollar Eh? My sister did the same. but she gave me a card and wrote my name the wrong way, and on top of that, took 10 bucks from me and gave me back a dollar for my birthday... in quarters..

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