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Crystar Moon (crystar) wrote,
@ 2003-05-28 10:21:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:The Wierd Sisters-Verita Serum

    Current Face-Gryfinndor At Hogwarts
    I had a bit of a run in with Hermione today. I was behind this statue with George of 'Boris The Bewildered' kissing again, and guess who stumbles across us? No other than Hermione. At first she thought it was Ron I was snogging, and she started having a go at me...but you should have seen her face when she saw it was George Weasly! So now I know she fancies Ron! I really think they'd make a cute couple, and I just know Ron likes her to because, well its obvious. Maybe I should play matchmaker...

    We were in Transfiguration, trying to find out if we were Animagus. And I actually managed to do it! I can change into a Siamese cat! I tell you now, it feels dead wierd transforming. It feels like your bones are changing shape (well I guess they are really) and your skin is being pulled apart. Nasty.

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2003-05-28 20:06 (link)
I think you're right about Ron and Hermione! Hehe, I like your journal. :) So what house are you in? I would want to be in Ravenclaw. Congrats on being an Animagus!

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Re: House
2003-05-29 03:43 (link)
I'm in Gryfinndor, where dwell the brave at heart and all that lot. I'm also a Lothlorien Elf-Lord of the rings, a blind water mutant-Xmenand many othrs besides!

Luv Crystar

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