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Colleen (crystalxtears) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 12:48:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:"I'm Glad" JLo

    Happy Birthday To Me
    Hey guys... sup? nada lotta here....Juss today is my birthday......yahhhhhh....SWEET 16 ! ! ! parents n my lil bro are amazing. . . I got a $50.00 shopping spree from my parets, and my lil bro gave me $2.00 so i told him that we would share it n buy candy for our room so we could sneak it [lol]i love him. . .he also bought me the cutest card ever. . . i will never throw it out! My sweet 16 party is on June 22, like a lil less than a month after my birthday, but it's alrite. . .

    WOW! ! ! today in school i wore capri pants that i was going to throw out, and my sister made me ask my friends to sign them. . ."Sweet 16 is a once in a lifetime enjoyment" Today is going to be a great day! ! !

    Why do bitches in my school have to be so ignornat? ! ? !
    You do things your way and i do my things my way
    Just 'cause you dont like the way im doin my pants, does it look like i give a fuck? ! ? !
    NOPE! ! ! ! !
    You fuccin don't make a difference to me, i dont like you and thank god you don't like me!

    well later on 2nite i have to go to my lil bros boat racing contest so that should be fun 1st place babie! ! !
    my mom told me to pick what i wanted for dinnder. . . then in the next breathe she says either McDonald's or Burger King. . .[i want the birthday crown]i'll let my lil bro pick. . .she also said that i coud get supersized so im excited bout that cause i'm never allowed to get it. . .(that's a lot of fries babie)

    this morning i got fone calls from my family
    Gramps: Sang happy birthday n wished me a good day n best wishes he'll call me again later on 2nite [he wanted to be the first one to call (and he was)]
    Gram: Wished me a happy birthday but was running late so she said she was going to call me back later on 2nite
    Nana: Missed me at home so then she called my dad's cell, wished me a happy birthday, and might come to visit me this weekend (depends on how she is feeling(old age))
    well there aint much more. . .i will probably update later on 2nite cause i don't have much more to say now. . .

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Happy b-day.
2003-05-29 19:31 (link)
Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a good one.

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Re: Happy b-day.
2003-05-30 12:34 (link)
yea i had the best b-day



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