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YoursTruly (crystalclear707) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 13:40:00
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    Current mood:busy
    Current music:anything by FOCS!! : )

    hey hey hey
    so apparently matt has been waiting for me to update so her eia not much has been going on..still MAJOR need of a boyfriend, or sex-pal.....jk, but seriously, i am so like deoressed all the time about the fact that everyone says that 'm pretty but no one wants to date me, eww what is that?! and like, EVERYONe is gay, and the ones who aren't gay are freshmen.....ughh....not fun, not fun. i wanna crawl away and die. this show i can already tell is not gonna go the way we all want. everyone is gonna keep blaming everyone else, but peopl,e seriously get a grip...

    good news...saw FOCS in NH on saturday night!!! omg they STILL rock.. i love them so much!!! there's a new guy fillig in for mike's sopt until they breakup at the end of the year, his anme is caleb and he's awesome! so nice and fits right in! the show was so much fun!! :) fun fun!! :-D lots of pictures i'm gonna be putting up on my site, lie right after i finish writing this, mad fun! look for the page, cool cool! : )

    mad fun/and not so much fun, anyways, gonna update the site now! love me! :):):):)

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2003-11-14 08:58 (link)
Hey, guess who? It is the famous, great, young looking......Miss Blennerhassett. Yes, it is!! How are you, Crystal? I am standing here with Matt pretending to be a senior in high school!! Take care! Bye!!!!

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2003-11-14 09:01 (link)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! we couldnt help it.... we thought that maybe it would brighten up your day! take care babe! love ya! mwah!!!!!! :-) Miss B said she does work... sometimes... really, really she does... right. she said to tell you to come and visit... she has good candy... mmmmmm... candy. :) always and forever... each moment with you is just like a dream to me that somehow came true... ooooo babe! hahahahahaha ttyl hun! bye-e!:)

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