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crystalcass (crystalcass) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 09:38:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:tin pistols - jackstone

    woke up
    i just woke up at nine (about a half an hour ago) i started freaking out and getting ready really fast. hehhe little to my knowledge we didnt have school today. i was just about to knock on rilees door when it dawned on me that we didnt have school today. then i heard my mom talkin in her room with someone. who could that someone be? guess......youll never..........toshi...yes .....toshi. whatever. helen lied to me she said that she never told ash. anything. well she did. she told her exactly what i told her not to tell. i mean i dont really care anymore, but then after i was ok that she told ash. she lied to me again and said that she told dubin, and bubin told ash. now that got me pissed off. so i talked with dubin about it. she said she heard about it from ash. god this is getting confusing. haha. whatever. ill talk to ya'll later. oh yeah and i called my dad. i might go visit him soon. GO IOWA!!!!!!

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2003-10-26 23:23 (link)
i'm sorry to cause so much confusion...helen told me but she didnt really mean to it slipped and then she tried to cover up...helen really isnt that smooth

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2003-10-27 23:14 (link)
yeah i know...i donno what is going on with tj and i anymore he hurt me in a way that i dont think anyone can really comprehend. sp? w/e i donno i think you know what im talking about but i donno tj really hurt me and i donno if ill be able to forgive him...i just hate life right now and basically everyone in it...ok this is really weird cause im listening to my mom's cd and roxanne just came on....hmh well whatever i donno im just pissed at everyone and everything. oh yeah and i just saw ann tonight. i donno whats up with her either...she was acting really twitchy.

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2003-10-28 19:38 (link)
well first off you dont want to know whats wrong with and..that little...anyway
i know what tj did, twas rude and i get the being pissed thing but you guys were good firends...i have no right to really comment on that topic though
yey roxanne
and i'm with you on that hating life thing though i'm pretty far from liking it myself, you seem happy though. but we've both always been good at putting on a face so you never can tell

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2003-10-28 19:54 (link)
yeah we are pretty good at that. i was doing it all day. i almost started bawling in the japanese lab class thing today. cause sense came up to me and started talking to me about how my mom and toshi are seperated. i got all teary eyed. it sucked. i was trying so hard not to cry. but she just kept on talking. i was gonna just get up punch her and walk out. god it was hard. whatever i think im a lil better.

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silly sensei
2003-10-30 20:55 (link)
you looked upset, i'm sorry. I dont think she knows when to shut up sometimes. I'm also sorry about the toshi and your mom thing. Believe me i understand...shatter shatter...its a strange world and i hate it...
*smile* they'll never know though
on a better note: i just watched moulin rough
have a good halloween
your boyfriend and you are cute together

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dont think he's my b/f anymore
2003-11-03 23:37 (link)
well i dont think we are goin out anymore. he and i had a long talk about it and we thought it would be best if we didnt get "to attached" if you know what i mean....whatever. well only cause he is leaving for the army on dec. 30th tear. i am gonna miss him so much. i dont think anyone knows what im going through right now but whatever.

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