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..B/c blood in my mouth beats tears on tha ground* (cryin_inside_x3) wrote,
@ 2005-07-10 22:30:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:So seductive

    Thursday i ended up doin some stupidd things but w/e its all good. Then i convinced my momma to let Kim come over. So she came and we huung out and watched Hide and Seek well not realli because i was online and she didnt understand it i guess haha. Soo yea night was a total waste as i thought it would be. She went to sleep at 11 for some reason and i went at like 4 cas i couldnt sleep. Friday we got up ordered food ate that hung out then she left and i took a shower n got ready.Theen Caitlin came over yess i missed her and we didnt get in trouble this time ahha good timess. So she came over we looked at pics, talked n caught up on stuff i hadnt seen her sice Febuary!! Then we ordered food and while we waited she did mah hair n makeup cas shes tha shiiit haha i loved it shes tha onli person that knos how 2 scrunch my hair!! Then we waited 4 tha food n ate thatt then went online n talked ppl n i lurned some things but it didnt surprise me w/e they dont get 2 me. Then we just chilled always a good time then she left and i went to sleepy. Saturday i worked and it went by really fast then i was tired so just hungout at home always fun noot. Today we had a yard sale but hardly neone camee dammit i cuda slept more soo then i went to work till closing it was good o mann i love old ladiess and Christina!! Came home n just hungout once again hopefully this weeks good.

    I miss Kayla she needs to get her skanky ass back home from florida!!

    "Have i been drinkin 2 muchh or do yer teeth have colors on them?"haha
    "Well yer whiite but yer a cuute white" (ok i thot she was white 2?)
    Christina: "tha guy from full house that took Kimmy to prom is sittin in my section hes tha wutever guy
    ^haha goood times at work these dayys so its not 2 much of a bother plus it pays :0)^

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