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Michelle (crushedsodacan) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 15:10:00
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    i am not dead
    however, I am insanely busy. It seems I'm never in my room for over 20 minutes at a stretch, unless I'm sleeping, and lately, that's not even a given.
    Sigh, school is hard sometimes.
    Not so much the classes themselves, just how many there are all at the same time.
    Forecast of Michelle's week
    today is:Thursday and I still have to: eat dinner, work, take a shower, study for a psych. test
    Friday: psych. test, French, go see that Passion movie and probably bawl my eyes out in the theater cause apparently that's what it makes you do.
    Saturday: write a paper over Thomas Hardy's use of poetry to show his feelings on the differences between country and city ideals . . whee. Get drunk? No, I've vowed to stop drinking so damn much (it's been almost two weeks! go me!)
    Sunday: studay for Brit. Lit. and Lifetime fitness tests, sleep some
    Monday: Liftetime Fitness test, I'm not sweating this one too bad (and that wasn't even supposed to be a pun) and paper due
    Tuedsday: Brit. Lit. Test (someone hold me)
    Wednesday: Orientation Final and paper due

    alright, that's enough, I have a headache now

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2004-03-04 20:49 (link)
I get the busy status thing

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