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Callen (crunchyguru985) wrote,
@ 2005-09-29 09:36:00
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    Current mood: apathetic

    Schools without uniforms are: Covington High, Fifth Ward Junior High, Fontainebleau High, Lee Road Junior High, Madisonville Junior High, Mandeville High, Mandeville Junior High, and Pearl River High Schools.

    //edit 8:16PM
    So today was good and bad all at the same time. Let's see... got my paycheck at winn-dixie.. 91 buckaroos. woo. lol. Um, then went to the mall and got ice cream and chinese food. Saw Renee and Wesley.. talked to them for a little bit :-) Umm... then me, rob, and gabe drove around in circles from the mall to lacombe and back to my house.. lol. Twas fun. so we went to my house.. played clue. :-D then ate dinner.. then brought rob home. Now im trying to call rob and his phone is bussyyy!!! :-(
    The End.

    Love you Rob.

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Kinda Glad for Uniforms
2005-09-29 11:41 (link)
Why you may ask well because that may be all I have left lol. I dont even know if those are still around It depends on if they were clean and in my room before Katrina if not then they are gone with most of my other clothes I have abot 3 t-shirts and 4 pair of pants with me and that might be all i have left clothes wise

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I got a call...
2005-09-30 11:10 (link)
I got a call from my home room teaher yesterday saying that we don't have to wear uniforms at Northshore. They would like us to but they arn't going to make us! Score.


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Re: I got a call...
2005-09-30 12:13 (link)
uh... i don't know you.. nor do I go to northshore..... lol

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