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.·:★I'm Not Your Star (crownofscars) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 16:44:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:The Starting Line

    Here's the things I meant, but I never said......
    Yay for no SARNCO tomorrow. It's next week. Good thing I emailed her about it. Um. So yeah.. just YAB tomorrow. AND I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH PAT. Nice to know that my friends care enough to analyze my situations when I'm not around. Hahah. I love you Annie. :)

    ....he does play guitar though.

    I got 'Student of the Week' today. Wow. For Mr Ulry's History class, at that. And as much as I really, really, really dislike the people in my class sometimes.... he is a good teacher. Well, in the sense that I'm not completely bored to death in his class. And that's probably more because I like history so much. Gah. History teachers are always the best teachers. Well, with the exception of Mr Kerwin and Mrs McKinley... sooo... all history teachers and SOME english teachers.

    Um. Alex Reiner went to talk to Mr Garrick about Latin III being waited today while we were in Chem..... I guess he was really rude and told him to leave his office because he didn't want to discuss. Then we mentioned that and the entire Chem class started going on about how it wasn't fair... and blahblahblah. How about... you all take the fucking AP test TOO and get an extra 0.5 so that it IS FAIR to EVERYONE because that's the real issue, isn't it? The fact that not all of the 3rd year languages would get it.... well, if you take the AP test, then that's fine.... and seriously, why don't you go ahead and take fucking Latin... you'd want it too. It's really not that big of a deal, but they DID say it was waited and even showed that it was waited on our report cards... they just didn't average it into the final grades as a waited class. That's why I still only have a 4.0 instead of a 4.06--something. Which makes a difference, so don't tell me it doesn't. That's another thing... Anne was all upset because she's taking SO many waited classes this year.... and has gotten the same grades as Alex Reiner, who has a study hall this year, and Alex has a higher grade because the final GPA only gets divided by 7 credits instead of 8. Please tell me how that's fair...? I mean, that's how it works, but it's not really fair. Eh, whatever. Mr. Garrick is just being an asshole about it. You can't promise a class to be waited and then just.... not give it to us. It really isn't that big of a deal....... it's the principle of the thing.

    No one knows what my 'piece of flair' pin is from. :(


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2003-11-11 17:52 (link)
colleges dont even look at weighted grades, so its not that big of a deal ;)

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2003-11-11 19:15 (link)

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2003-11-11 21:22 (link)
I DID NOT TELL ANYONE YOU WERE "IN LOVE" WITH PAT. I just think that out of all of the girls who have lil teeny tiny practically nonexistant crushes one him, you would be the cutest with him. Thanks very much.;) And that thing with the grade point is retarded. Grr-ness. ~Annie~

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2003-11-12 06:35 (link)


Thanks Annie. :)

...I was just talking to Michelle the other day and she goes, "so are you going to YAB this week.....since you're like in love with my friend Pat now?!"

lmao xD

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2003-11-12 03:01 (link)
kick their asses for not knowing about office space'!!!

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2003-11-12 06:35 (link)
Gah! They need it...

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