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Crimson_Cuts (crimsoncuts) wrote,
@ 2004-03-04 15:58:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:New Radicals "Someday We Will Know"

    Yah so I was up half the night listening to this Philp Henry show on the radio and I was listen to this jackass who is a doctor called in saying that he was divorced and had a new person in his life. He also referred to his girlfriend as Tracy and made everyone call her Tracy and not his girlfriend because it was disrepectful. He and "Tracy" have this theory that is called "The Bad News Theory." This was all brought on by Tracy. When the doctor's 16-year-old daughter broke curfew, "Tracy" brought the eldest daughter into another room and explained to her that her own mother (the doctor's ex wife) was an alcoholic. This he says is a punishment and the children don't even know it is a punishment. Awhile later, the youngest daughter lost two sweaters at school that her father bought from her and "Tracy" took her aside and told her that her mother had had an abortion. This is tramitizing for the children to hear these vicious things about their own mother whom they live with on a regular basis. The doctor only sees his daughters two weeks out of each month. So callers could call in and talk to this jackass and this 13-year-old girl called in and said her parents were divorced and that her mother was an alcoholic. The doctor asked her who had told her that her mother was an alcoholic and she replied her own mother did. Then she was trying to make a point of that by saying these tramitizing things to his daughters or anyone for that matter can cause a child to go into therapy for life. He then told this girl who was only 13 that if she was his child that he would push her into traffic and then asked her what she did to make her parents get a divorce. This guy was totally out of content to say that to a 13 year old. He was extremely crazy. Everything he talked about was about "Tracy." I seriously wanted to call in and just ream his ass out. He was full of shit and thought that this 23 year old was god, when he is 53 years of age and more knowledgeable then she ever could be. He also said that she babysat which gave her so much reason to disipline his daughters. This guy is such a jackass and he should seriously be shot in the head. And I feel so unbelieveably bad for his poor daughters who have to here such personal and upsetting things about their mother that are coming from their father's "Piece of meat" that he called her himself. I seriously would rather seem them stay with their mother and loose all visitation rights of them and die in hell. And he thinks "Tracy" is his soulmate but she is going to get sick of him real quick whether her friends think she's dumb for being with someone emotionally and sexual who is 30+ years older than her. That's sick not to mention insane! Or she will just get utterly sick of him cause he will get really old and wrinkly and she will want some hot young guy to fuck and if she isn't already cheating on him. Or she is pulling the whole Anna Nicole thing where she married him for his money and is waiting until he dies which if there is a god sometime soon!
    Okay rant over! :)


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2004-05-13 03:49 (link)
hey i hope you dont mind me writing comments in your journal but i just had to write how disgusted i am that a doctor can think that the way he's treating his children like that. he's obviously got a problem with his ex wife and its none of his "girlfriends" business what the ex wife does. by the way im using the term "girlfriend" as i would like to be very disrespectful to this man and his tracey as they are disgusting and i dont believe he should have the qualifications to be a doctor.

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