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David Guild (crimsonblade8) wrote,
@ 2004-11-23 14:20:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Seether- Your bore

    AHHHHHHH AOL Charged me! %^&*%^$*^*^&*$
    stupid people, i was going to cancel before they charged me, thats like $25! and i never even use it, ive got to call and get rid of it. Well i havenet updated this in a long time, a really long time. Not too much going on, ive just kinda been not doing much, ive gooten so lazy, i need to get off my ass and do someting, i keep saying i am, but i never do, im kinda annoying myself. IM going to sebring with my family for thanksgiving, so that kool i guess, im leaving tommrow and ill be back fri, kylelee is going to ocala tommrow, and shes not comming back till sun, im going to miss her so much. Ive been seeing her so much cause ive been getting her from school, Which i actually need to do in afew mintues anyways,lol. My little fishy is getting so big,well, for someting that small. I wonder who is going to take care of all our animals whlie we are gone, i guess they will be ok if we leave them, my fish can miss a day of food, they do all the time when i fall asleep before i feed them. Speaking of my fish i need to clean them before we leave tommrow, and i really really need to go to the bank. That has to be done by at least tommrow. I want the new Amy Lee CD so bad, i love that band, maybe ill go get it,hmmmm. anyways, im going to go watch some tv for a few before i have to go get kylelee. OH, and whoever left that last comment, WTF! and who the hell are you? lol. I love you kylelee.

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its kylelee... i just dont feel like signing in... so...blek
2004-11-23 19:38 (link)
HII... are you sure your not still mad... you sound rather sad.. like on the phone right now. MY MOMMYS MENOPAUSAL!!!! lol.... feel better... because im sad when your sad/mad... and i love you!!!!! DONT WORRY.... BE HAPPY..... DONT WORRY BE HAPPY!!! *huggs and kissies* KYLELEEEEEEEEEEEE

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