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Who am I? (crimson_thunder) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 20:18:00
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    Current mood:alert

    Kristen ATTN Jamae
    ((Sudden turn around of point of view. ^^ Let's see how I do.))

    Suddenly, the light of the talisman had all been revealed. Everything. Hakaru, Jhey-Li, my powers, our past, it was all clear. I then heard someone scream, and not too far away either. I rushed down the hall to track where the scream came from. And when I opened a door I found a waay too familiar face. One that would only make things more confusing.

    "Jamae? Jamae, is it really you?" The memories of our friendship came back to me. All the jokes and weirdness we played out back at the Tower. Before Ceremme came and destroyed everything. In my eyes, it all seemed like a dream.

    "But how? Why are you here? Why were you screaming? Why--" There were so many questions I wanted to ask her. But I knew that it wasn't the time to do so. I helped her up and grabbed a nearby bottle of water (new and unopened, of course. ^^). "Good lord. Don't scare everyone like that. I get the vibe that some weird things are goin' on, you know. I'm not saying that you're a burden, it's just that you might've had one hell of a nightmare to make you scream like that. ears are still ringing."

    ((Ookay...I think I'll stick to my usual way of RPing...-_-;;))

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