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Kat (creepycat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 23:19:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:AIM Noises

    School.. already?
    Today was one of the days for Highschool walk-thru, very boring. It was really crowded too, I can imagine what the first walkthru on monday was like. I got there like 5 minutes early (like it helped) and I waited like 30 minutes or so to get my schedule. Imagine, freshmen/softmores/juniors/seniors.. I see why the school made 3 different days for this. But anyways, I finally got my schedule and then went in line to get my ID picture taken and something came to mind. I forgot to get a locker. So I had to get out of line and go pick one. There was very few around the area my classes were. I'm suprised I fucking found one. But I did, so then I put my lock on it and went to register it and then go get my ID picture taken. Then there was this freshmen orientation thing, but it started at 7 and it was only 6:20 so I was hungry and went home and didn't feel like coming back, lol. Seriously, I have to go there for like 3 friggon hours? I have all I need.. schedule, locker, map. What the hell ELSE do I need to know. And the highschool took over the old middle school too so this is gonna be a breeze. I really didn't want to go to this high school though. Sigh. Man, saying the word breeze made me get hotter. The air conditioning is broken in our house till tomorrow except in all the bedrooms (thank god)!! Well I'm gonna go chill, seriously.. nite nite.

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2003-08-07 16:19 (link)
KAT KAT KAT KAT!!!! YOU GOT A BLURTAY! it's Alex, btw. WEE!!!! :D
where be my bracelets biznotch? ;DD

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2003-08-07 19:32 (link)
*gets horny* I WANT YOUR JOHNNY DEPP ICON!!! The bracelets are on the way, floof ;P

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