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Kat (creepycat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 22:13:00
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    Current mood: awake

    Yo ho, yo ho.. jack sparrow turns me on!
    First week of school= slowww. I hate how slow it is. School is ok. It doesn't feel like high school much, besides seeing people I've never seen before. My locker combination consists of two numbers, which I'm very proud of. And each class I have to go one building to the next, and so on. That really pisses me off but, I'll get over it. I still hate school though. Some people say, "I only like it because I get to hang out with my friends". Who gives a fuck? Thats the most lamest reason I've ever heard of. You can hang out with them anyways and if not, that shows your not truelyfriends. I'm kind of a loner during school. I don't care. I rather have my space then being smushed into a group of 15 teeny boppers. I don't know how they do it anyways. I would get aggravated, but then I guess thats why I'm not friends with them.. not really, they are just stupid anyways. Haha, you probaley think I'm in a bad mood because of saying all this, huh? Not really. I can talk negative and be in a good mood! I'm weird like that. Wee... hahaaaaa. I was watching The Exorcist before. That posessed girl cracks me up. Muahahaha. I don't believe its consider horror.. gah. I still need to see the other 2 sequels. I heard the 2nd one sucked bad. Oh well, that won't stop me. I can't wait till POTC comes out on DVD. Yay! I'm going to make it official to talk about Johnny Depp in every entry from now on. Eheheh >=) I love Johnny Depp's eyes. Man, I can stare into them all day. Perhaps thats why I put pictures of him on my binder, eh. I'm gonna go do other schtuff now. Ta-ta!

    <3 kat

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I hate you.
2003-08-17 14:15 (link)
What is this, a direct LiveJournal port?

Anyway, since you won't shut up about Johnny Effing Depp, I just wanted to let you know I have about 682+mb of the 711+ mb Pirates of the Caribbean movie downloaded. If this thing doesn't have sound, I'm making you WALK THE PLANK.


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Re: I hate you.
2003-08-18 17:59 (link)
For a second I was trying to think who the hell you were and about to cuss you out.. but JOSHIE! Hewwo. Welcome to my BLURTAY. Floof. ;x I don't know why but I will be using LJ for most friends and communities and blurty for journal. K? k. And i'll IM you later about the movie.. IT BETTER WORK! Thanks ya.

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2003-08-17 15:33 (link)
rawr. he has sexy-ful eyes.. yes yes. the bracelets are lurvely! thank you!! i'm gonna put piccies of johnny on my binder too. >:D

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2003-08-18 18:03 (link)
Yay *hugs*

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