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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 17:27:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:" I knew I loved you " - Savage Garden

    my head is itching as hell.
    Hm, i haven't update since like 1 week ago...I'll do that now. And sorry to my friends for not commenting..I've been a little busy. But i got time now so I'm all eyes and fingers. lol (FOR THE FUTURE: Don't mind any of my corny jokes. I tend to make a lot of them. So if ya'll do read my entries, don't think I'm stupid. I just make corny jokes for the hell of it. lol) So's a boring update from last week to this week....Long ass entry ahead. Oh, and sorry to my friends for not commenting..I'll be catching up..

    Saturday - Lesel started Saturday school, so it was me and anisha till about minutes to three. I tried to get some studying done because I was supposed to have a psychology quiz, but with her, the is no such thing as time for yourself. Between cleaning the house and having to deal with her, i didn't get any studing done.
    My father almost made me late for school. He asked me what time class started, i told him 5:30. He said ok. He asked me if i wanted him to drop me, i said yes. When I went in the shower, he left. I thought he was coming back but something told me to leave beccause we was supposed to have a test(which we didn't have because we didn't finish going over the chapters that the test covered.) So I left and rushed to school or whatever, and I was mad when i got there and found out we wasn't having the test. But i was happy we actually didn't have it because i would have most likely failed becuase of the lack of time to study.

    Sunday Got up, then took a shower. I asked lesel to braid my hair over for me, and of course, she "iffed, annd and butt". But then she said she was going to do it. So we went to the store and came back. Around 8, I went for her to braid my hair and she goes "who said i was going to braid your hair?" so i told her she said she was going yo do it. AND i told her that since she was watching tv, i would come back around 10. So I left her alone till around 11. She came in the room and I asked her, she just looked at me like"I'm not doing shit." So that shit got me pissed off. She acted like a total bitch. So i was talking to stephen and telling him what happened. If she wants to act like a bitch, then so I am. I told him that she better not touch any of my clothes because whenever i ask her for a favor, she ifs ands and buttss before giving me an answer. But when she asks me to do her a favor, i do it without any hesatations. And when she takes my clothes without asking me, i don't say anything to her. But when i ask her to borrow something of hers, she iffs and gives me a damn look as if she doesn't want me to.

    We had the day off becasue of the Jewish holiday. And stephen and I had planned that i was going to go with him to Queens to Shakera (his girl) house. He wanted me to come so i would be his "condom." Meaning, he didn't want anything to happen so that's why i was there. So, he told her i was his cousin.

    When i was going to meet stephen, richard calld me, becasue the plan was, to go to the girl's house and then to richard's house becasue she doesn't live that far from him. And he wanted me to buy him chinese food..::rolls eyes:: I told him i wouldn't and he kept hanging up the phone on me and calling me back. So i told him i was going to...if we came to his house....which stephen told him we might possibly not get to do.

    Of course to go to queens, I had to lie. I said i was going with carlos and stephen to manhattan so carlos could by more uniforms for clinical. Funny thing is, i almost got caught. When stephen and I was on the train, my mother called my cell. She was downtown brooklyn, i didn't know she was there, and she asked me where i was, so i told here i was on the train going to downtown brooklyn. So she told me to get off at the stop and come meet her. But i came back with a quick I told her we was going to manhattan and she believed me. lol. Quick thinking.

    Anyway, we went to Shakera's house and stephen got to meet her did I, and now her whole family knows me as stephen's cousin. We got to her house around 1 and didn't leave there till about 5:30. I just sat there in her basement doing shit. She and stephen was all over each other and stuff. It was cute though. I really like her for him. she's nice.. So after we left her house, we was going to go get the bus then the train to come home but stephen asked me if i wanted to go to richard's house. so i said it didn't matter. And he was like how he wanted to go say hi to his people's around that i said fine or whatever. So while we was walking, he called richard, but the idiot didn't pick up his phone. So while stephen was saying hi to his peoples that live behind richard, richard called my phone. When stephen came back outside, he told richard to come outside, but he was saying how it's cold and he's not coming outside or whatever. So we said fuck it. We just went to the bus stop.

    OK, I'LL ADMIT IT. I WAS A LITTLE BUT MAD THAT I DIDN'T GET TO SEE HIM. But hey, he didn't want to come outside.When i got home, I got even more pissed because of sally-ann and lesel. Sally-ann came over because she wanted me to help her do her speech. And i guess, earlier, she was at my house and lesel called carlos. Because remember,i said i was going to him and stephen. So lesel wanted to be a bitch. She called him and asked if i was with him. And he not knowing what's going on, said no. So sally-ann comes back here when i came back and loudly, she's like "you lying, you didn't go anywhere with carlos because lesel called carlos and he said you wasn't with him." I got so fucking pissed off because she was talking madd fucking loud and my mother was right there in her room...thankfully, my mother was sleeping and when she sleeps, she's out.

    But yeah,. richard called me and was like how he's mad at me and shit. Hey, it wasn't my fault at all. And stephen was like how he knows richard was tight becasue even though he said he didn't want to come outside, that meant that if we had went to his door, he would eventually came outside. Hey, sorry, i don't know...shit. What, he felt he hard to play hard to get?

    Tuesday I had to follow a monday's schedule. So usually, this would be my day off from school, but i had to go. I had spanish and speech. I got back my spanish test. I got a 85. No hard feelings because i didn't study one bit. I paid more attention to my informative speech i had to give in my speech class. I was so tight that day. I had to give the speech.I was like the 8th person, but 2 people before me wasn't in class. Not only was i a nervous wreck from the thought of getting up infront the class, though this was the second speech, but i was even more nervous because my professor was going to videotape it. I was so freaked out, I swear i was going to vomit and poee on myself. I almost caught frostbites in my hands and toes. I was hot, but my toes and hands were freezing. Which I didn't even understand. But whatever, I gave my speech and apparently, everyone liked it. According to my professor, I mad Rudolph Giuliani looked good. Lol. Now, I'm just waiting to see what grade I got. The highest we could get is a 20. On the first speech, the introductory speech, i got a 9 out of 10. And these 3 speeches (the last one is a persuasive speech) make up most of our grades. The last speech, the highest you could get is a 25, i think.

    The rest of the week was a bore. Wednesday, i didn't go to my spanish lab. I lied and said that it was canceled. Only because i don't like the fact that on Wednesdays, i have class from 8-8:50 and then my next class, spanish lab, doesn;'t start till 1. So, that was only a one time thing. I won't do it again. I'll just suffer for that long break, without anything to do. Friday, I was supposed to go to the movies with stephen, but i didn't have money so..

    So, now here I am. Tomorrow, me and stephen planned to go to the movies, but i still don't have money. I'm trying to figure out a way to get money from my mother because i really want to go to see the damn movie. I asked her if i could go and she was like "you went last monday, you don't have to go every week." Hm..whatever. Tomorrow's her birthday. My father asked me what i was going to get her. Duh, nothing. Why? Because i don't have money. Why? Because i don't have a job. Why? becuase y'all don't want me to get one. And he won't give me money. Cheap ass. I hope he knows that i have to bring in 1,500 bucks to my school by the 21 of this month because they reduced my financial aid. Them buggers. So now i gotta get back the money from him. See, i told my mother that i should keep the money since i recieved financial aid, but no, she told me give it back to him. Now i need it back beck. Whatever.


    Ohh, i forgot. when i was coming from school last night I called Richard. But his phone just rang so i hung up. So about 10 minutes later while i was on the bus, my phone rang and it was him. Well, actually, a girl and she asked if someone just called her phone. Though i know i called his phone, i said no. And 2 hours later, she calls back and asked if someone called her phone again. So i said no. and she was like "you sure? This richard's cousin, you wanna talk to richard?" So I said no.

    Now around 2 something, this idiot calls me. He was like "sorry about my cousin. She was playing with my phone while i was cleaning the house." Then he was like "Are you hurt?" So I'm there like what the hell is that supposed to mean..guess he wanted to know if i felt jealous or i told him no, he was like "damn you bitch", OK. Right. whatever,

    Anyway, I'm about to go get some junk food to eat. I'm hungry.

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