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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 22:21:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:" I Wish I Wasn't " - Heather Headly

    Baby nothing means anything unless you’re here to share with me
    aw man. My eyes are tearing. I hate being a girl. So emotional. I'm listening to this song "Fall again" By Glenn Lewis and It making me feel sad. A good sad and a bad sad. I can't explain the feeling I get from the song, but it just moves you. Especially if you're one of those romantic type just gets to song. Any song will get to you and make you weep. Or maybe that's just me? ::Laughs shamelessly:: Or maybe I'm just a "pussy ass punk" like I'm so often told....

    Anyway, a short update. Remember I said I was on the phone with Richard in my last entry? Well, i called him around 11:15 and we didn't get off the phone till around 1:55. We were just talking about bullshit untill the last 5 minutes of the conversation..It was funny. My radio was on and "frontin" by pharell was playing and i said that i like the song playing and he asked what song it was so I told him. Then he was like "frontin, something you do." So I had to explain the situation to him as to why he thought i was frontin..Of course he didn't understand what I meant when i explained to him, but hey, I didn't expect him to. I know what i mean, but i just don't know how to explain it properly to other people. When i explained it to stephen, he didn't understand what i was trying to say, so i knew no one else would understand. But anyway, it makes perfect sense to me, though i don't think the way i explained it is the way i wanted to explain it even to myself.

    Ah well, my point? I enjoyed talking to him for that long. We haven't done that IN A WHILE. And another thing we haven't done in a while, dedicate songs to each other. Well, except his dedications were different from the time when we found out we liked each other. He kept putting Carlo's name in thigs and saying that he lost me to carlos and blah blah. But I gave him the illest hint. Though he thinks I like carlos because recently I've been hanging out with carlos a little more. I dunno, it's funny. I found him very funny. But whatever. Maybe I'm acting like a little school girl or something. Whatever. I gotta go finish my english essay. It's on a lesson that taught me an important lesson...I'll let you in on something..I'm bullshitting. I'm lying through my teeh because I've never had an experience that taught me an important lesson. So I have no choice but to bullshit and lie.

    I wish I wasn't in love with you

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