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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 12:10:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:" Missing You " - Case / "I love You " - Faith Evans

    like a wedding without a groom
    It's driving me crazy, i don't know what to do. I'mm just wondering if you still care.

    talk about 360. My mood just completly spun around. ::sighs:: Buck up Rani...buck up! Anyway, Carlos wants me to go with him to the mall because he's going to get his uniform for clinical and he doesn't know what he has to get so he wants me to come with him. It depends. I might go. If lesel comes back from the laundry before 3. But then stephen said that if he doesn't go to queens, then he's gonna come here to chill, plus he wants me to burn some CD's for him. Eh.

    I was on the phone with stephen last night and richard called him, so he called richard back on 3-way. But then stephen had to go help his mommy with something so he hung up. Then like 5 minutes later, Richard calls me and goes "Don't you know you was supposed to call me right back?" Um..Richard, sorry. Nope, I had no idea. But before he said that, when I answered the phone, he was having another convo on his other cell phone. How fucking (insert word) is that? You don't call someone, not even say hello, and be having another conversation at the same time. But whatever. When i answered and heard him talking to the other person, I just left my cell on my bed and went and took the trash outside. Then wehn i came back and said hello, he was done with his other conversation so that was when he said that i should have called him back. BOoO.

    So anwyay, we were having air conversations. Kept saying "Nisha, talk to me." But he wouldn't respond to me so what was the freaking point. Then I decided to make a journal at greatestjournal and I was all out of ideas for usernames. So I asked him. And funny thing, I actually took his idea. So Now, my usuername is "rich_n_ran" I don't even know why i did that. Eh, I'll make another one. And use the one he suggested as a decoy joruanl whenever he asks to see my journal.

    In other news. Stephen has possibly found a girlfriend. After months of hearing "nisha i need a girl" i think he's found one. Her name is Shakira and she goes to his school. So yay to stephen. I guess now he doesn't need me as his psychiatrist anymore..He talks about her non stop. Last night he calls me around 1 to tell me that he was talking to her and shit. And then he realized that he's always talkinga bout her so he asked me why he was doing that...duh! It's obvious that he really likes her. I'm happy for him.

    So, Off i go to clean the house.

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