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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 20:53:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:" Don't wanna try " - Frankie J

    This was a convo i had with richard yesterday after we sepnt like an hour on the phone then he asked me to come online...i wa going to paste it yesterday but blurty wasn't working

    FEARON: whats up
    DestinYz: hi. asl?
    DestinYz: lol don't mind that
    FEARON: you finish your food
    DestinYz: yea
    DestinYz: of course, my greedy ass..
    FEARON: dam bitch
    DestinYz: lol
    FEARON: your ass got bigger
    DestinYz: i'm a hungry little person
    DestinYz: i don't know if my ass got bigger..
    DestinYz: i don't think so, it probably got smaller..
    DestinYz: ur ass got bigger.;-)
    FEARON: thats great
    DestinYz: what's great?
    FEARON: yes
    DestinYz: huh?
    DestinYz: yes what?
    DestinYz: you lost
    DestinYz: FEARON: thats great
    DestinYz: what's great?
    FEARON: my beef
    DestinYz: mmmmm
    DestinYz: =-O
    DestinYz: ;-) hehehe
    DestinYz: shut up
    FEARON: you will like it
    DestinYz: how u so sure...?
    FEARON: you will
    DestinYz: how you so sure....i don't like a lot of things, so how you so sure i'll like that?
    FEARON: you always touch it
    DestinYz: lol
    DestinYz: so becasue i touch it means i like it?
    FEARON: it's going to be your new friend
    DestinYz: whatever. we'll see. if i don't like it, I'm sueing you.
    DestinYz: lol
    DestinYz: i'll hold that against you.
    FEARON: i just going to let you taste it
    DestinYz: in that case, no thank you.
    DestinYz: i don't taste anything that's not food
    FEARON6: there was somebody at my door
    DestinYz: mmkay
    DestinYz: yooooooooo, u know you could change the aol background?
    FEARON: yes
    DestinYz: and change the collor of your buddylist?
    FEARON: i am going to get ready for work
    DestinYz: mmkay
    DestinYz: bye
    FEARON signed off at 2:07 PM

    ....Yeah. I don't really know what the hell is going on. Whatever. I'm hot and I'm going to give Anisha a bath then take one myself. I got Spanish from 1-2:40 tomorrow. We have a test. Then i have Speech from 3-3:50.
    Hasta la manama.

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