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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 13:26:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:tv

    shooby shooby dooby
    oh classes BAY-BEE! But luckily for me, i'm stuck babysitting Anisha. She's sleeping right now so i have time to eat my breakfast..yes, i'm aware that it's 1:26 and i'm eating breakfast. Pancakes and eggs with lots of syrup and a big glass of coca cola. Yep. Afterwards, I'm going to go write my English essay. This is my third one so far and I've only had english twice already.

    Speaking of essays. I gave my speech yesterday. And boy was i nervous as a horse. I swear I was going to pee on myslef when i was standing in front the class. I even went over the 3 minute time limit and i didn't even get to the point. I was just babblying. But it's ok though.

    Oh, i just remembered something. Last week Tuesday, I was at stephen's house because Richard came and picked up the air force one's that I bought for him...wait, let me explain..since last week was tax-free week, he begged me to buy them for him because in queens, he'd had to pay more for them than they cost in brooklyn. So me being the nice person that i am, i got them for him and he said he'd give me back the money when he came to pick them bup. But he didn't..and well, I'm not one to ask for things so I just said fuck it. But anyway, like i was saying..I was at stephen's house last week, and I HAD BAD THOUGHTS!. Yeah, involving richard. Ha, see, I'm an angel..i'm not supposed to think bad things...well, sexually, that is. He lifted me up, mind you, he'd like 5'10" 168 lbs. and i'm 5'0" 100 imagine that...wait, on second thought, don't. But whatever. I'm like the all mighty virgin, but not mentally. ha. such a....

    phew..anyway. I wont get into that. But yeah, it was fun. Except for thr fact that we fought the whole...3 or 4 hours. And he grabbed my left little one (boobie) and wouldn't let go so I grabbed his dick and wouldn't let go. Stephen had to be the barginer lol. And did i mention that I big his tongue? Ha. I refuse to kiss him (yes, i'm backwards) and he had his mouth opened over mine like he wanted to swallow my mouth. Basically, he was in amazement because his mouth could fit over mine so he kept doing it. Then at one point he stuck his tongue in my mouth and was playing around. So, I bit his tongue mad hard and he was trying to pull but i wouldn't let it go. Hehehe. Oh yeah, the fun in "playing"

    Anyway, I'm going to start my essay.

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2003-09-09 14:52 (link)
hey i added ya!! and omg lol.. it sounds like ur
playin a lil hard to get.. its all good tho! LoL :)


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2003-09-09 22:22 (link)
Lol. It's not that I'm playing hard to get. It's just that, I like him so much, and I don't want to do anything that I'd regret and i don't want to get hurt, especially I highly doubt he feels the same way that I feel. It's kind of sort of mind

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2003-09-12 16:26 (link)
i hear ya on that.. lol. i do that all the time then! lol!


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