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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 11:04:00
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    Current mood: good

    I haven't been here in...what, about 3 days? I dunno. Been busy. I went to the city today with carlos. And tomorrow, Me, stephen, richard, carlos, lesel, lese's friend satavia, our cousins jenny and afia are going to the city cuz lesel and them want to go to century 21 and h&m so me richard and them are tagging along. Plus richard wants to see satavia, and our 2 cousins and also he wants to see carlos. Hopefully, he can get his black ass to brooklyn by 11. Which is sirt if doubtful. But whatever. I'm glad I'm gonna get to see him before we go back to school. God knows we won't be able to talk to each other on the [hone cuz our parents told us the same thing...we can't be on the phone anymore because we're in college and since our education is being paid for we can't slack around..anyway, I'm about to go sleep because Well, yeah. They want me to look like a girl tomorrow...the only thing that'll look girly is my hair cuz I washed and blow-dried and went through the whole hating process yesterday. That and the fact that my jeans are gonna be tight..ah well, that's the best I could do.

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