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_B r O k E n _ h E a R t_ (crazybtchpsycho) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 22:40:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:" Who We Be " - DMX

    short update.
    My father's working nights now so I'm never in the house during the day. I told people to take advantage of this stuiation becuase i don't want to be in the house when he's here. And so far, they've been taking advantage. Yesterday kim asked me to go somewhere with her and i went. Wednesday, carlos asked me to go to Queens with him because he had to drop off the proofs for his senior pics. Yesterday, after i went with kim, I went to the city to register for my classes. But I had to go back today to fiz some things becuase since I didn't pass the math test, I gotta take remedial math and it's preventing me from taking any science and math courses. So my advisor only gave me the remedial math clas, which i'm not getting credit for, english; 3 credits, freshman year experience, which is a non credit class that all freshmans are expected to take and psychology;3 credits. So basically, I was only taking 6 credits...which is like part time. I only had classes on Wednesday, friday and saturday. But I had to go back today to change it because I applied for this scholarship and you have to be enrolled full-time with a min. of 12 credits. And since I can't take the other course that are needed for my major becuase of the remedial course, I had to improvise. So I'm taking my elective now. Which is spanish (mind you, i had spanish 1-6 in HS and I passed the regents). Though it seems dumb, it's a good move. Becuase that's like an easy A or B. Plus, I'm getting 4 credits for it. Then I added fundamentals of speech. That course is 3 credits. So Now I'm with 13 credits. I have classes everday except Tuesday and sunday. Saturday I'm taking psychology from 5 to 8:30. It was either take it on saturday or take it one the City College campus. And I didn't want to do that. It's ok though. All I gotta do is pay my tution by monday and I can take ID.

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