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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 18:25:00
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    Current mood:artistic
    Current music:Eric Clapton~Tears in Heaven

    home at last!
    well i am FINALY home from florida and i have been ordered to update my blurty because i haven't in forever!....florida wasn't all that bad! it was about 70ish the whole time we were there, we went to Disney(epcot to be exact) and we stayed right across from the beach. but i missed all u guys too much, so i had to come home early! brr is it cold here!~ i got home around midnight last night..ha that sounds funny...anyways...Lauren Mc Called me this morning at 8 so we could go out to breakfest, as we are on our way to pick up kristin, i decided to call her, because she probally wasn't awake, christopher(her lil bro) answers the phone and tells me shes sleeping, by now we are like 2 mins away from her house, so i told him to wake her up...he tried and failed, like many do. Laur and i got out of the car and let ourselfs into their house, because we kno the garage code, so i had the honor of waking up kristin....VERY DANGEROUS TASK!! but quite, don't try this at home, we finally get her up and ready and lauren, lauren she and kristin and i headed to some resturant for breakfest, where we met Kyle, Kyle L and mr barry...omg i haven't laughed that hard in soo long! after i came home, showered, picked up my paycheck, visited Mrs. L and came home to cleaning and its off to youth group and who knos wat afterwards! later muah

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