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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 15:42:00
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    Current mood:silly
    Current music:josh groban baby!

    wat a wild night!
    well last night was sure wild! lol, i got off work at 9! and my car did start! ya hooo! i packed my bags and headed over to the McCambridges, we watched Finding Nemo!! WORD! i love that movie! we had mcCambridge popcorn of course! and when the boys left we got out the cookie dough! yay! we didn't go to bed till like 1:30~lol ariel did wake up to Tj calling my phone around 2, but i didn't...i woke up about 10:30! thats like the latest i've sleep in a while! it was pure crazyness in the McCambridge house hold! we were on like crack or something! we had bacon and kristin buttered up her english muffin! then we watched CenterStage for a while! WORD! but we were still hungry, lol so we went to Mongolian bar-b-que!! yea! and i drove! man its hard parking a boat in a parking grage! afterwards i dropped off the girls! o man crazytimes! our country music blasting! also a many quotes from Finding Nemo...or as some people say..finding nemos parts... Ariel's response.."i found the lucky fin!"...o man! are we morbid or wat! i think we were all just a lil tired! but hey! i got the new JOSH GROBAN CD!! HECK YEAH!! now i must go and finish my homework yea youth group tonight!!! word up!

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