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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 17:05:00
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    wow its been a long time....i've been way to busy to take the time to write in my poor neglected blurty! Tennis has ended, it went pretty well, i didn't play much, but hey, i'm just a beginner! and now the post season begins, its kinda weird, cause i have never done any of this! i was supposed to take private lessons with 2 of the girls from the team, but apparently they don't let 3 people take, only 2, so i'm out of that little group. kinda upset me but meh, wat ya gonna do? to change the subject the job is going well at the Salon! i'm getting pretty good hours there at i'm making 6.25! yay! my grades aren't doing all that well...yea about i just don't care ne more! the past few weeks have been eventful! ...leg wrestling, Ace Ventura, fun filled sleepovers, kristins cellphone with recordings, pumpkin patches, Sadam Husain, kids haunted houses, apple cider, Earnest scared stupid, pictures sent via email by bestest friends, statue of liberty, horse tatoos, campfires, tennis slide shows, tackling kwan and injuring her shoulder, kyle taking a leak on the baseball feilds at Mc, fart head, kwan..big red, late night frisbee, running the bases barefoot, shopping at the mall with my girls from the hood, buy one get one 1/2 off at payless, panda express, Luther, Lucifer...umm which one is the devil? by the way...wicked kwan. "Dilah! that her name? 'no birk, its Dori' oh..." "ALL DRAINS LEAD TO WATER!" Sharkbate who haha! yea, so alot of those were kinda inside jokes, if u are wondering feel free to ask me about any of them lol. things are looking good for pastor josh! his cancer is only in stage 1 and it hasn't spread! hes starting his chemo tomarrow! please pray for him if you get a chance! well i must be going i have to babysit with kwanicka for alpah tonight!

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