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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 22:43:00
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    Current mood:confuzed
    Current music:there's more to me than you~jessica andrews

    tennis was a bore today, went to VBS, fun stuff, however i was thrown into a huge puddle by my great friends, john, kev and brett (thanks guys). i did manage to fake cry and scare them a bit, you shoulda seen the looks on their faces. after i had to come home, cause my mom wanted me to driver her to sears so she could get a shirt, and we went to like 2 diff Khols to try and find the bottoms to a bikini i really wanted (red halter with white hawiian flowers!~extremely cute!). i got home around 3ish, and did some stuff for my mom, grocery shopping, radio shack to get some addapter for a cd player for the car? home at 5, helped my mom get ready for the grage sale we're having on fri and sat. picked up kristin and brought her to my house, so she could try on some stuff that didn't fit me ne more. after the trying on of clothes (o man, that was a tough one kwan lol, darn those knots!) we decided to make plans, to go to bennigins at 7:30, i called some peoples, the L's were leaving for W! ahh! i got ahold of Emily and James and they met us there, lauren shee came late, and Mc drove me and kwan. i called steve but once again, he wasn't home, his dad said he was out, how nice of him to call me!...grr....we were done with dinner around 9, me and the girls split this chicken ceaser(can't spell) salad...mmmmmm soo good! i might get tat again next time! everyone was heading back to Mc's but of course i was unable to because my parents are....well lets just say instead i got too fill 100 water ballons up! hands are kinda numb now and its hard to type...i had to carry a big bin of 100 ballons to the car with my tat was heavy! i'll have to have some guys unload it tomarrow cause i'm not carrying it! well i'm dead tired, and i'm gonna hit the sack....literally.

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