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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 16:39:00
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    ugh we had a make up tennis on friday, cause of the rain on thurs, so no sleeping in for me! i went to the fest with steve, and then met, kristin, lauren, lauren, kevin, kyle, emily, and michelle there. i saw alot of people i kno there, and i got alot of complements on my new hair-do. i got home at like 10:30ish? then stayed up reading my Harry Potter book, i finished the book at was soo good! i can't wait for the next one to come out!!! i finally went to bed at like 2, and was rudly awakened by my naughty puppy, who had decided to bark his head off because there was a squirrel outside...dogs,,,ugh. so yeah i had like 7 hours of sleep, ok...but i wanted more! concidering that this morning was the only morning i could sleep in the whole week! my family is at the fest, i cleaned a bit, did some laundry, and did my toe nails. Ariels party is tonight, i hope the pool is heated! cause its getting kinda chilly out side! hope it dosen't rain! i did my hair and packed my bag for tonight, and i can't wait for Ariel to open her present! is soo cute! but i can't say wat it is, incase she shes this! well i better go, still alot more cleaning left....god wat am i? the frick'n maid?

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